Expansion joints and industrial connections

Company “Larenta” offers not only metalworking equipment but also metal hoses and expansion joints solutions. We represent Polish company FAMAS.

FAMAS has over 50 years experience in providing customers with safety. Continuous improvement of technology and involvement of all employees of the company led us to the position of the largest Polish manufacturer of flexible metal hoses. Together with the development of the company we have expanded our business by bringing more safety into new product field, through the production of solar connections, expansion joints, vibration absorbers, flexible metal hoses and protective metal braids. In addition FAMAS have the advantage of a strategic partnership with BOA AG, a Swiss company, who have hundred years of experience in the production of metal hoses and expansion joints.

 Thanks to their flexible construction, expansion joints lower or eliminate vibrations and stresses in any industrial installations exposed to pressure or temperature jumps, vibrations and they are widely used in:
  • shipbuilding, chemical and petrochemical industry,
  • power and heat distribution networks
  • housing, for central heating systems
  • installation of pumps, compressors, turbines etc.



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