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JSC „Larenta“ supplies every accessory you need to effectively work with metal. We deliver press brakes dies and punches, various blades, drills, milling cutters, grinding tapes and other consumables.

UKB GmbH press brake tools

Since 25 years UKB GmbH lives the combination of tradition and a modern industrial enterprise. Oriented for medium-sized businesses and owner managed, with innovative products and competent performances, we have established as a reliable partner for press brake tools and special solutions.

Company constantly work on developments of products and to offer technical demanding problem solvings. UKB GmbH customers appreciate tools maximum precision, efficency and reliability.

Company produces press brake tools, special press brake tools, press brake tools cabinets and accessories. Also do modification of press brake tools, subcontracting, regrinding of press brake tools, shear blades etc.

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PARMA STAMP press brake tools

Since 1974 Italian company PARMA STAMP produce extra quality press brakes tools. PARMA STAMP tooling is placed on a high-end market , as qualitatively superior to those of the competition for technical characteristics , materials , hardening and accuracy of the mechanical tolerances. Renowned manufacturers of hydraulic press brakes are supplied by Parma Stamps for their standard and special equipment.

PARMA STAMP tools are ground not only on the working surfaces, but on the attachment and on other parts that give an aesthetically uniformity or represent an important reference during processing, to achieve excellence in parallelism , in the square , in the centering and the straightness of the mold. Precision tolerances of 0.01 mm for a perfect interchangeability of our standard product guarantee repeatability over time of supply. Parma Stamp tools are laser marked with item number, maximum load and length for easy identification of the article and in compliance with the European standards of safety at work . They can be packed in individual boxes for eventual reuse during storage by the customer or according to other specifications.

PARMA STAMP tools are compatible with Amada-Promecam, Bystronic-Beyeler, Bystronic-Hämmerle, EHT, LVD, Weinbrenner, Wila-Trumpf and other press brake machines.

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