Systems for maintaining clean air

CHEUCH provide systems for maintaining clean air. Innovative air and environmental technology for industrial applications has been Scheuch‘s stock in trade for 50 years now. Whether the solutions involve extraction, dedusting, conveying, flue gas purification or plant manufacturing, Scheuch is a leading expert with a pole position on the market in numerous sectors, and offers its customers application-specific, high-quality solutions to their air and environmental technology issues.


One of the most important company’s priorities – individual projects and standartized production. Through past few years company has significant increase in sales of production. Company’s projects are implemented in many different countries which rises enterprise’s popularity. Company “Scheuch” has gained responsible company’s reputation in air cleaning and environmental protection technology branches. Many it’s customers are thankful for constructive long term cooperation. 

Products catalogue

Wood products industry
Various size and efficiency compact industrial filters and Įvairaus dydžio ir našumo pramoniniai, bei kompatiški filtrai ir aspiration systems are used for larger and smaller furniture, wood panels and other wood related companies.

Metal processing industry
Ventilations, dust picking and air cleaning systems are adapted to metal processing, which gives good working conditions and high products quality.

Minerals extraction industry
Industrial air cleaning filters and dusting picking systems are adapted to mineral extraction branches such as: cement, coal, gypsum extraction, fertilizers production and etc.

Additional equipment and components
“Scheuch” company offers wide assortimenf of various additional component: ventilators, tubes, tubes joints, valves, dosators and pneumatic transportation systems, which will be individually projected and produced for Your company.

Implemented “Scheuch” company’s projects all over the world.


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